Born and raised in a small country farmhouse, Emma’s parents raised her to like all things vintage. Her mother collected antiques, china and afternoon tea sets from all over the world. Her family’s irish heritage also influenced her love for tea and culture. 

Her first afternoon tea experience was at age three at the Ritz Carlton. Instead of going to Chuckie Cheese like most children’s birthday parties, Emma’s mother hosted lavish tea parties, playing dress up and serving tea sandwiches to little girls. 

At age 15, Emma worked at a retirement community and fell in love with the residents and knew she eventually she wanted to work with elder community. With a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Emma went on to manage hotels and inns around the country. Her passion for afternoon tea never ceased and she continued to host tea parties for friends. She collects vintage dresses, period costumes and dresses up every chance she gets.